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For Tom Kiebzak and Teri Sullivan, opening MKE Plants & Vintage Goods has been the perfect way to showcase the plants and treasures they have sought out for years. The two share a passion for finding special items at estate sales, antique stores and flea markets, and giving them new life.

Their store is a carefully curated and ever-changing selection of these items, from mid-century modern chairs and tables to retro bar carts, with loads of accessories to round out the look. Scattered throughout are unusual plants of all sizes — some just tiny seedlings and others mature, state- ment-making house plants, often potted in unusual vessels.

Regarding the vintage items they discover, Sullivan says, “I think a lot about the people who first owned these pieces. In letting someone else enjoy them today, we get the chance to honor their history.”



Kiebzak and Sullivan, together since 1982,​ ​are as unique as their merchandise.


Retired IT professional Kiebzak is a jazz musician, abstract artist and photographer; he also has a booming side business restoring vintage smoking pipes.


Sullivan is the co-founder of Arts @ Large, Inc., a multi-faceted non-profit that develops creative programs to help expose more youth to​ art of all media. She is a former jazz singer, ballet dancer and graphic artist with a talent for freehand needlepoint designs.

- Shorewood Today Magazine

Our Vision

At MKE Plants and Vintage Goods, we believe that everyone deserves to be able to create a comfy, stylish, nurturing environment at an affordable price. 


We curate an eclectic selection of vintage furniture and home decor that appeals to an artistic, creative clientele. 


Our plants are as unique as the vessels we select for them.  We welcome every customer into our store as if they were visiting our home.  MKE Plants and Vintage Goods is truly a labor of love. 

Consignment Artists

​Various Artist

Our Estate Jewelry refers to previously owned and often vintage or antique pieces, embodying a unique blend of history, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance.

Meet our new apprentice Maria
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